Letter from Our Interim Pastor


LETTER from Pastor Al DeVries
 As I sit down to write this introductory article, it is just two days since we got a new President and he has gone to work for us with his cabinet and advisors. For now, he gets bushels of grace and at worse, the benefit of the doubt. Time tells its story for someone who holds an office in government. When time has passed and history has unfolded, some will cheer and some will boo.
 A new pastor comes among you to hold the office of message bearer from God. He will listen, sometimes admonish, sometimes teach, sometimes encourage. His advantage is his link to God in prayer. Friendship with God is noticeable and distills in wisdom and love. Time will also tell what the office of minister and pastor yields. Some will hear the shepherd’s voice. Some will be hard of hearing.
 Linda and I are people with a history. We served seven churches during the 29 years between ordination and retirement. Now, Bozeman is our 4th tour of duty in the role of interim. We have 4 grown children, all married and 12 grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 18. We love each other a lot. We get homesick for them when we are away too long.
 Linda plays piano and sings. She directed many church choirs and most recently has been soprano section leader with Grand Rapids Metropolitan Choir of Praise. Linda likes to read and will scope out the Bozeman Church library and the public library. We often make visits in the church together.
 I have more hobbies than good sense. When possible I raise a few chickens, do woodworking, weave rugs and baskets, and have tried my hand at most any work involving yarn or thread. I brought along my loom for crafting rag rugs. It is written, “Labor diligently with your hands that you may have something to give to those who have a need.”
 We look forward to getting acquainted with most of you and getting friendly with some of you. We were in Bozeman last about 10 years ago. Our son-in-law, Shane Postman, is a grandson of the Van Dyken clan of Bozeman and the Postman clan of Nobleford, Alberta. His parents met at one of those Glacier-Waterton youth communions of 50 years ago. We were with our children in Bozeman to celebrate grandpa Van Dyken’s birthday and then to take the tour of Yellowstone.
 Together, let’s begin a new chapter and we will let God write the script.
Pastor Al & Linda De Vries