Our Sunday School is sharing God’s love with our community by collecting food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. We have recently learned how Jesus turned five loaves of bread and two fish into enough food to feed five thousand.  We realize that we are not as awesome as Jesus, but if we all contribute a little, we can have a significant impact to the hungry in our community. Please encourage your child to collect food for this effort. To celebrate our efforts and to thank GOD for all of His blessings, we will have a special pancake breakfast on February 8, so make sure your kids come to Sunday School hungry!
     If you do not have kids in Sunday School, but would like to help, please bring non perishable food items to church before, February 8.

   We recently received a letter form the program manager for World Vision in the region of Mexico where Emily lives. He wanted to give us an update on what is going on in Emily’s community, and how our donations are being spent there. Emily and her family live in an area of Mexico that is extremely hot and dry. Because of this climate, they have a huge insect problem, especially at night when the insects are more active when it gets a bit cooler. With our Sunday School offering money, World Vision has been able to help Emily’s family purchase special ceramic tiles for their home that they use to help keep the insects out. This has given them great relief at night, and helps them get the rest that they need. It is amazing to see God’s awesome power through something that seems so simple, but makes a huge impact in the life of a family. Through God’s help and guidance, we made this happen!
     Please continue to encourage your child to participate in the Sunday School offering. Our monthly sponsorship amount for Emily is $30. We have had some breaks these past couple of months due to the holidays, so we have a bit to catch up with, however we have still been able to send our full $30 each month due to some “extra contributions”. If you do not have a child in Sunday School, but would like to contribute towards this effort, please mark your offering when you put it in the collection bag.
                                        Offering Collected:
                                    November 2008 -  $36.17
                                    December 2008 -  $12.34
                                    January 2009    -   $23.12

     As you can imagine our Sunday School program would not be possible without folks who are willing to help out week in and week out. Please take a minute to thank your child’s leaders and let them know that you appreciate the work that they are doing.
     We always have a need for more large group and music leaders. If you feel like God is calling you to help out, even if it is to just lead a special lesson a time or two, please talk to Millie Veltkamp for more information.  We will have some opportunities for some special Easter lessons this spring. Please prayerfully consider helping out with this important ministry. 
     Don’t forget, Sunday School begins at 9:05. It is hard to get out the door on cold mornings, and boy do we understand that, however we do need to get started on time, so that we can finish on time.  Also, please make sure that if your child is
in the third grade or younger, that a responsible “adult” is there to meet your child and walk them to church at 9:50, so that our leaders can get to worship too.

   We love to have visitors, so please encourage your child to bring a friend to Sunday School.
 Please watch future announcements for some special “incentives” for bring a friend, coming later this spring.