Purpose of the Nursery

Our nursery is to serve the parents and children of our congregation by providing the best possible childcare during the Sunday church service and whenever Bozeman CRC sponsors childcare. Caregivers will welcome the children, engage them in age appropriate activities, and share with them what it means to be members of a loving, church family. In doing so, parents will feel confident leaving their children in our care.

Who is caring for your child?

Nursery Coordinator – He or she manages the scheduling, recruiting, and training of nursery volunteers. He or she will also ensure proper procedure is being used in the nursery in compliance with Bozeman CRC nursery policy and procedure.

Adult Volunteer – Any person over the age of 18. An adult must always be present in the nursery.  They are required to understand the policies and procedures, and are subject to a background check.

Youth Volunteer -  Persons between the ages of 11-17 can assist the Adult Volunteer caregivers. 


If you are planning on visiting and using our nursery facility please consider arriving 15 minutes early so you can share with the nursery staff any special instruction you may have for your child. Our nursery is located in the basement of the church building.

Health Policy:

In order to insure a safe and healthy environment for your child and the nursery caregivers please do not bring your child if he/she has had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours:

Diarrhea, illness, food or medication induced
Fever (100 or above)
Undiagnosed rash
Open sores
Runny nose (anything but Clear)
Discharge in and around the eye(s)
Your child has been on antibiotics for less than 24 hours

Our nursery staff will not, under any circumstances, administer medication to your child.

If your child has developed an infectious disease (chicken pox, etc) after he/she has been in the nursery, please contact our Nursery Coordinator or the Youth Education Coordinator.