In our increasingly fractured and frantic society, kids need a safe place. It’s our hope and prayer that the Walk With Me Program promotes the kind of community building that makes Sunday school that kind of place. The curriculum encourages leaders and children to become a small group together—to care for each other, to hold each other accountable for learning and growing, to encourage one another, and to have fun together. In each small group in our program, everyone—both children of the church and children of the community who have joined us—will feel accepted, loved, and safe.
                                                                                      -Walk With Me

Sunday school at Bozeman Christian Reformed Church meets at 9:00 AM from September through May in the Lighthouse.  We welcome all children ages four through high school to join us each week as we encourage each child to know, love and serve God, while participating in a dynamic, relevant program.

Classes we currently offer: 

Preschool (PreK - K)

This class is a fun, lively, and age appropriate introduction to the Bible. Lessons are sequential teachings of Bible stories from the Old Testament to the New Testiment. Lessons include music, arts and crafts and dramatic play activities that are sure to keep your child’s attention.  We do understand that this may be your child’s first introduction to learning away from home, and they might be a bit shy or nervous.  That is ok! We encourage parents to stay and help your child become acquainted with our class, or if your child prefers to just watch for awhile, that is ok too. We are certain that it won’t be long before your child is laughing and smiling with the rest of their class.

Elementry (1st -5th grade) 

We will start out the year by learning to follow Jesus. Each month will be devoted to a different unit with a central theme-following Jesus

Middle School (6th, 7th & 8th grade)

Here the middle school students will be focusing on the “Believe” series. Along with it is a devotional supplement that encourages and challenges young teens and their families as they grow in faith together. Each reading includes sections titled "Family Stuff," "Family Talk," "Prayer," and "Just for Me."

High School (9th-12th grade)

This year Pastor Bloom will lead the high school students through “HC & Me, The Heidelberg Catechism for Christian Living”.
Meetings are in the parsonage.

Values of the Walk With Me Program

1.   Centered on Reformed interpretatin of Scripture.
2.   Grows faith-nutures and encourages children and youth to make a personal commitment.
3.   Instills Knowledge (biblical literacy, Reformed Beliefs) but also challenges kids to respond with their heart and lives.
4.   Builds community
5.   Celebrates diversity.
6.   Prepares kids to share their faith with others.
7.   Makes learning enjoyable.
8.   Respects diverse ways children learn.

Volunteer Opportunities

We can always use more volunteers!  If you have a passion for kids, and a love for the LORD, we would welcome you to join our team.  Talk to Falicia Anderson for more information on current opportunities.   Adult Volunteers (persons over the age of 18) must always be present in the Sunday School classrooms. They are required to complete training, acknowledge understanding of the policies and procedures, and are subject to a background check.

Sunday School Contact:  Tad DeGroot
406 585-7337

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