What a wonderful time we spent together July 22-25. Our theme, "FYI- Free Your Inhibitions" was a life changing challenge for all of us. We were encouraged by Pastor Jerry to shed our inhibitions and be free to pray, free to praise, free to serve, and free to worship God alone. We should not be concerned about what others might think if we are truly focusing on God!! Pray for us as we go forward and work at implementing these into our day to day lives. Our work project went WAY better than anticipated. We were finished painting our portion of the house by 2 PM on Friday. Our thanks goes out to Jim W. for power washing the paint off the fence so we could also paint that. The rest of Friday was spent starting the fence and also putting the second coat of red on the Cadet garage. On Saturday we finished the fence, as many of you finished the soffit, fascia and trim on the house. The parsonage looks great and we praise God the many willing hands and feet of Jesus that helped us accomplish the goal of being done by Saturday evening. Thank-you to all our prayer buddies, food providers and servers, Solid Ground, and painters. We are taking the month of August off as we gear up the fall.

For more info contact Corrine at 388-6544 or corwar@msn.com

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A Letter to the Congregation

Dear Friends of Bozeman CRC,

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“Dandelions at the Parsonage”


“Of Chocolate, Raisins and Lent”

“Of Chocolate, Raisins and Lent”
Isaiah 61:4-11
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Hope in Prison

Pastor Jerry Blom 
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Prayer, A Holy Art

Summer Series: Prayer, a Holy Art

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Tis the Season

“Tis the Season”
Galatians 4:4-5
4 But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son,

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