Love, INC.

Residents of Gallatin County, Montana, can count on Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) to demonstrate what happens when local churches work together to meet the needs of their neighbors.

Love INC mobilizes partner churches and their volunteers to find effective ways to serve individuals and families who find themselves in difficult circumstances and who need a helping hand.  

Serving individuals and households in Gallatin County, Montana, Love INC is a Christian, faith-based, non-profit organization designed to connect the human, material and spiritual resources of dozens of local congregations with individuals and families struggling in difficult circumstances.   

Since 1995, Love INC has responded to tens of thousands of requests for assistance, and has activated hundreds of volunteers, provided real help, restored hope, and transformed the lives of individuals and families in southwest Montana.

Love INC helps churches help people! Visit  www.loveinc.org for more information.

Come, explore their website, and discover what happens when Christians use their time, talents and skills to manifest the love of Christ.


LOVE INC BLOG- We want to let all Love INC partner churches know that there is now a Love INC blog available. This is a place on the web where Love INC news and happenings are posted on a timely basis. You can keep up to date by going to this site:   loveincgc.blogspot.com
      You can also keep informed via email. Once you are on the blog, click on the link "subscribe via email."  Then, whenever a news item is posted on the blog, you will receive an email of the news article. In this way, we hope to keep all our churches, volunteers and supporters better informed about the many activities and opportunities at your Love INC ministry. 
     So, please go to loveincgc.blogspot.com and look over the new blog. We encourage you to share this information with the members of your church, so everyone can have access to volunteer opportunities and an insight into Love INC's ministry. 

If you would like to contact Love INC to request help, please call 406-587-3008.