Welcome Letter

What is the Bozeman Church

     Bozeman Christian Reformed Church is a gathering of ordinary people just like you who have received the promises of the Almighty God and who are growing in the reality of those promises as they seek to live authentic Christ centered lives. Growing in the reality of those promises means that they are growing in becoming who God wants them to be. Jesus has defined this for us in the gospel of Matthew when he said to his disciples; “You are the salt of the earth.” (5:13)  and “You are the light of the world.” (5:14)  This is who we are by God’s grace. We seek to live out these ideals which Jesus has commanded in our relationships with each other and our world.
     Because we believe that God has a calling upon us to live fruitful lives for his kingdom, we are always seeking to be a community of faith that is open and accepting of people who are also trying to find their way into a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. Bozeman Christian Reformed Church is a safe place for seekers of truth to grow in that relationship. We hold out the Bible as God’s revelation to humankind of God’s pathway to eternal life and the forgiveness of sin. Bozeman Church therefore seeks to minister to its members and guests in regular spirit filled worship on Sunday mornings and small group activities on Sunday evenings.
      We are experiencing God’s grace through the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, and we would love to share these experiences with you. Bozeman Church takes seriously our mandate from God to hold fast to his promises and we know that God has blessed us with the opportunity to share God’s promises and love with you. Our concern is not so much where you have been in life, our concern is where you are going. We know that we are all on this journey together. As Pastor of Bozeman Christian Reformed Church I invite you to join us on the journey. I invite and welcome you to discovering of your place among us as we seek to be “salt and light” to the city of Bozeman and the World in which we live.
Welcome to Our Church!
——Pastor Jerry Blom